About Me

Shea Ballard has been a reader and a writer all his life. He walked into a library at eight years old and never looked back.

Shea loves fantasy and science fiction, as well as tales of the macabre. His stories seek to take us away from our ordinary world and into places full of magic and wonder.

When not writing, Shea enjoys reading, watching movies, and feeding a Netflix addiction. Shea dabbles in astrology and tarot. He is passionate about history, languages, and mental health advocacy, among other topics. Get him talking about these things, and you may not get him to stop.

In 2013, Shea self-published a short story to Amazon called The Light That Never Goes Out.

Since then, he’s self-published two books in his Faerie Tale series, Noble (2016) and Brave (2017) which will be re-released by Inked in Gray.