Business executive, Bob Smith, wants to end his life. But he wonders what waits for him on the other side.

Is there an “other side” or does the soul join a new body?

The Light That Never Goes Out is a speculative fiction short that presents an intriguing twist on what happens when we die.

Noble: Book One

Twelve year old Alex Noble gets himself locked in the library overnight. He finds a dusty old tome in the basement.

The story tells of a peasant boy named Lucas with a interesting birthmark. Fate tells him he is made for great things. He falls in love with a princess. To win Stefanie’s heart, Lucas enlists the help of a talking oak tree and its tree faeries. They disguise the young serf as a knight and send him off to the royal palace to ask the king for Stephanie’s hand in marriage.

Once he arrives, Lucas realizes he’s in way over his head. His quest turns dangerous. The friends he makes along the way are willing to risk their life for him. Is it worth it? Is Luke really meant to be the savior they think him to be?